Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I got a lot of work done on the cross/commuter bike last night. I'm pirating parts for it from the Pinarello, and Im in a quandry in that since its a commuter bike, i dont want to use stuff thats too nice, (theft, crashing, inclement weather) but at the same time, I want stuff thats going to work, and work well.

So I have a Chorus Rear Derailleur (cheap on ebay), Centaur front, Centaur Shifters, FSA crank, (I'll change that out for an aluminum compact most likely, since the front derailleur I got supports CT and Centaur/Veloce CT cranks are dirt cheap). I have cane creek canti's, and a nice cheap but well made Bontrager cross fork. With those items in place, I can finally take her for a spin. I'm dying to know how she rides, and Im dying to have a bike to commute on that Im not worried about every hole and rut on the road with. Commuting on a $3500 bicycle is an exercise in stress every ride. I'll have maybe 500.00 in the Jake when all is said and done.

Once I'm happy with the way she works, and my component selection, I'm going to take her back apart and have the frame powdercoated flat black. Then I plan to have a few pinstripes worked over the top tube, and down tube, (think classic hot rod) in orange and blue. Should make for a pretty cool bicycle.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've started commuting on the bicycle in earnest the last few weeks, and this week almost every day. I have a pretty good route, takes me through low enough traffic areas that death isnt alway lurking on my left, but its varied enough that I dont sing Mary Poppins songs in my head. Im riding the Cervy for now, but Im also building up the Snake as my "truck". She's still pretty nice, but not quite so exotic. Campy Centaur, 3TTT , so on and so forth.

Yesterday I was riding along shoal creek, and I'm waiting for a light to change. This guy rolls up behind me and just crashes. Big as day. I looked back and asked if he was ok, he didn't really reply, but he looked ok, so I left him alone. Right after the light changed, we went through the intersection, he goes blazing past me pushing a big ass gear at a really low cadence. I guess he was embarrassed. He was on a Kuota that was creaking like an old suspension bridge. Cool.

Sometimes this is such a weird town.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gonna talk about bicycles and motorcycles.

I've been blogging off and on for several years, but I guess its time to go big time. :)