Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still in Indiana

ice world too, originally uploaded by Dave in Austin.

So were still here. We've had some astoundingly bad training, and some pretty good training. But its all kind of refresher stuff for most of us. Only a few more weeks til we roll now.

So I have a few plans for when I come back that I'm working over. I was talking with one of the other guys here the other night and we're thinking of putting together a modest trip to Daytona the March we return from Afghanistan. Probably about 8 of us going over there, trailering the bikes into the local area, and then just taking in the scene for a few days. That one still needs some fleshing out.

As soon as I get back, like maybe before Christmas if we get back that early, we're taking a family trip out to West Texas, for 8 to 10 days. I want to camp out in the snow with the kids, and also stay at Ft Davis a few nights. That one is planned out pretty well.

In the Spring, like right after school gets out, I'm taking TL for a 10 day motorcycle trip up through Colorado, maybe Wyoming, etc. That one is planned out pretty well, except that the route keeps changing as we talk more about it.

My free time is winding down this morning...more tonight maybe.

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