Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I'm entertaining myself a little with Hank Moody lately. I dont really have much in common with 'ol Hank on the outside, but COMPLETELY understand the man. He's a bit like a washed up rock star, you know the guy, the David Lee Roth of the literary world. He still has it, he still gets the attention, but the "respectable" people out there kinda sneer at him, and wonder "what the fuck" while being ohhhh so secretly jealous.

I mean who doesnt want to punch out the asshole that disrespects the object of our affections at a high dollar fund raiser? But the rest of us are saddled with that little inner (or in some cases big outer) voice that keeps us from crossing that line. We have something to lose. Hank has real freedom. He has established that nothing he does is going to make his life worse than it is, so fuck it.

He is being vigorously pursued by a breathtaking 16 year old girl who he "accidently" slept with and oh by the way is also the daughter of the target of his unique disgust, (the man who is marrying his beloved ex girlfriend) and in some strange way, the way we dont want those upstanding people people I referred to earlier to know about, we ALL respect him for it.

He is a fantastic father to his own daughter, at least in the 21st Century book of rules kind of way, and in a strange sort of proxy that crosses the line to creepy even for me, he is doing a pretty damn good job of parenting the aforementioned 16 year old as well..

I share Hanks disdain for the man, for the system, for the decay of American Culture, and for the bulk of the people that comprise that culture. I share his desire to unset the smug and crass, and his taste for whiskey from Kentucky and cars from Stuttgart. So since I have about 7 episodes left to view from the 1st season of Californication, and a MONTH of time to waste here in Indiana, all I can say is THANK FUCKING GOD for Hank Moody.

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