Sunday, May 24, 2009

Been too long

So we've settled into the routine here, things are pretty much as you'd expect for Afghanistan.

I've been spending alot of time on ADV Rider lately, and I've been inspired to travel west through Utah when I get back. I promised TL that I'd take her on a road trip when I get back, and she's really wanted to go to the Black Hills and the Grand Canyon. They are geographically very disparate and it would be hard to hit both, but if we go up through Colorado and then West into Utah, we can hit Moab, Zion, the GC, and then back into Texas in about 15 days, which is what I've budgeted for the trip. The big question right now is whether I take Jack and/or Aidan with us. They are both probably big enough to make and enjoy the trip, and I would certainly love to have them, though I promised Tori we would spend some time together when I get back. I still have plenty of time to figure it all out, its about a year away. Check out this forum thread if you need to get your head around the places Im talking about...

I figure while I'd love to buy a GS BMW when I get home, in reality, most of the touring I will do for the next few years will include the kids, so most likely I'm just gng to outfit a nice 4WD, 4DR Toyota for our expeditions, and maybe rig up the Rover too for the bigger ones. Roof rack, Lift, etc.

Big night tonight, so more to follow...

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