Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just life

So it would seem that I have found a way out of the three month rut here, (which they tell you in all the pre deployment briefs happens to everyone) and I'm doing exactly what they say you will, I found a project. The project is me. I've been working out seriously hard, and enjoying the endorphin high. When we first got here, I used the stationary bike to help with the acclimation to the altitude, and now that I am fully acclimated, I have been riding it really hard. I do 90 minutes two or three times a week, with 50 minute days thrown in between. (I get one day off completely every week) and then at night, I hit the gym for an hour or more. I'm doing a simple routine of chest/triceps two days a week, and back and biceps two days a week, with a single leg day thrown in between. It goes in a pattern like Chest/Biceps/Legs/Chest/Biceps/Off that way there are two days between any major muscle group. Seems to be woring like a charm, despite having put on a reasonable amount of muscle, I'm down ten pounds overall in the last two months. Maybe more importantly, my attitude is way better. Endorphins rock.

Our little gym is just that, little, so I go late at night when its not packed, but the Poles are far more interested in getting big than cardio, so there usually isnt a wait for the bike. I plan to mix in more running later in the cycle once I lose all the weight I plan to, and get my joints all functioning right. Its been a while since I maxed a PT run, and thats one of my long term goals from this.

the weather is still completely bearable here. :)

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