Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well I'm no meterologist, but Im no casual observer either. Most folks who grow up down here in Hurricane Country (though Im something of an Expat from there now) learn to read these things pretty well. When I went on to college, I learned alot more about it through studies in Earth Science (Geology money in it though...) so I'm aware of weather patterns, and how they affect each other and all what. So watching Ike has been fascinating. I love watching the threat in the first place, I love a big storm bearing down on us, I've ridden out more than I can count, and I've evacuated for a couple as well.

For the first time in a while, it looks like Ike may come see us up here in the hill country, which is pretty cool too. We'll get some heavy rain, and we'll get some damaging winds, which will hit harder here since that isnt something that normally happens here, so most folks dont have quick tie downs and whatnot to use.

I followed Gustavs progress on twitter, I plan to do the same here, along with a healthy does of traditional media for perspective.

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